Strategy & Positioning

Strategy & Positioning

With consumers bombarded with as many as 5,000 marketing messages in a day, it’s crucial that your brand and communications are distinctively positioned in the mind of your consumers. Positioning differentiates your brand from its competitors and resonates with your target market. Done well, it communicates a very specific message that consumers will associate with, or attribute to your brand.

In developing a positioning, brands need to exercise care not to over-reach or over promise. If a brand’s performance doesn’t match its positioning, customers will re-evaluate the brand and find an alternative. At giro+partners we believe that building a distinctive positioning and strong strategic marketing plan go hand in hand. We like to employ our uncommonsense marketing to develop strategy that will deliver results for our clients.

Darwin’s tenet that it’s those who can best manage change, who will survive, is equally true for brands and organisations. Over time, they evolve and are shaped by the people that work in them, the consumers and markets they serve, changes in the regulatory and broader environments and social trends.

These market changes are also magnified by a fragmenting media landscape and social media channels that change every three to six months. It’s not uncommon for clients to find that your three year plan can be out of date after six months. For existing brands we can review your strategy and determine whether your brand and organisation should be adapting to changes in the market, or staying true to its strategic foundation.

Our work with online start-ups and launching new brands also provides an understanding of the challenges that organisations face when developing new opportunities. We get great satisfaction from creating momentum for brands quickly and cost effectively.

Experience has also taught us that business owners and management teams can get bogged down in execution or organisational issues. While there is strategic intent, developing a realistic and strong strategic plan can be elusive. giro+partners can help your team translate your intent and ideas, into strategic plans and actionable tactical activities. We apply our uncommonsense marketing to find the insights that will set your brand apart.

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