Multimedia Done Well – New York Times Magazine

Posted by on Nov 14, 2013
Multimedia Done Well – New York Times Magazine

Newspapers and magazines are under incredible pressure with the rise of digital and social media. Add to this the “free content” nature of the web we have become accustomed to, getting people to pay for news content online will be a tall order.

For years, SMH and theTelegraph have been in my bookmark bar and on my iPad. I would check in on them daily, numerous times depending on my appetite for news or views. When their content was limited and paywalls started to go up, I became a fan of ABC and SBS. And I would find ways to circumvent the cookies.

Given connections the parent media organisations have to broadcast content, but I was always left wanting when I viewed their video stories. I believed that they would need to become more video based in their content and rather than broadcast, they would narrowcast relevant stories for their readers and viewers, consumed at any time.

It wasn’t until I came across an article by chance in the online version of the New York Times Magazine that my eyes were opened to the possibilities on how content can be presented in the future. Much like smart phones have advanced through the simultaneous development of technology, content and carrier, the article takes advantage of content, coding and browser developments.

Seamlessly integrating full screen video, infographics, Google Maps, Google Earth and photographic images, information is presented in a way that goes beyond a media player or embedded YouTube video on a web page. Small images, usually used as visual references in an article, are put to shame. The roles of the written word and visual imaging are reversed. Short paragraphs on a page grid are used only to compliment the images taking up your whole screen.

Put simply, it turns convention on its head and brings the story to life. You can find the New York Times Magazine article here.

It’s worth a good look, when you have 15 minutes to look at it properly. Perhaps I should be more interested in the geopolitical ramifications for China and the Philippines that are posed in the article, but for me, the way it presents information, using the different media seamlessly and in full screen is what makes it brilliant to my mind.

It’s so good, I’d consider paying for a site full of current content without hesitation.