RUOK? Ask Someone You Know Today

Posted by on Sep 12, 2013
RUOK? Ask Someone You Know Today

RUOK day was created by Gavin Larkin, a leader in the communications and marketing industry. Gavin didn’t want other people to have to live through the loss he suffered in losing his father, Barry Larkin, to suicide.

He created RUOK Day – with the vision to create a world where all people are connected and are protected from suicide by encouraging and empowering all people to regularly and meaningfully ask “are you ok?” to support those struggling with life.

Gavin lost a battle with cancer a few years ago. But his legacy lives on in many ways, one of which is RUOK Day. So today, Thursday September 12th 2013, take the time to ask someone close to you RUOK>

Sometimes, a conversation can make a world of difference. For more information visit the RUOK Day website.