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YPO (Young Presidents Organisation) is a leading network of successful young business leaders. The YPO brand identity was developed internationally to leverage the strength and connectivity of the triangle. The task was to create an identity for a program of forums where previous design firms tried and failed, using incongruous design metaphors.

Enter giro+partners. We identified the challenge – to take the strength of the YPO brand and create the Roundtables sub-brand. The resulting design we developed, used the triangle to work with the circular sounding Roundtables sub-brand. Colour was then used to differentiate the different forums.

Work on Roundtables led to other projects for YPO including chapter logos and newsletter branding and design. giro+partners developed the Momentum name and the design template for the 24 page newsletter that is distributed to all Australian YPO members.

From a strong existing brand to a flexible architecture working with the brand’s strength.